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Adolescent Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Treatment for Teens

Millwood Hospital offers psychiatric treatment for adolescents up to 17 years old. In some cases, your teen may be referred for intensive inpatient acute care at Millwood Hospital in Arlington, Texas. 

Acute Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Inpatient adolescent mental health care at Millwood Hospital focuses on immediate crisis stabilization and resolution with 24-hour care from our treatment team. The adolescent inpatient acute care team stands ready to take care of your loved one’s immediate need for inpatient mental health for adolescents. 

Adolescent inpatient psychiatric treatment is typically all day and all night long, making it different from a teen outpatient program. Our teen inpatient mental health program features recreation therapy and school activities with an onsite playground and gym. 

We offer a TEA accredited school for children who are currently enrolled in school to make sure that they are not getting left behind academically while working on better teenage mental health. 

Contact us today to learn more about our adolescent inpatient mental health treatment at Millwood Hospital. 

Outpatient Treatment

If outpatient treatment is determined to be more appropriate for your teen, they may be referred to one of our Excel Centers, in either Fort Worth or Lewisville

These facilities provide both  Intensive Outpatient Programs for teens and Partial Hospitalization Programs for teens. These programs offer less restrictive environments than inpatient treatment. Both English and Spanish mental health assessments are offered and patients may enroll in our TEA-accredited school during treatment.

First Offenders Program

Additionally, the Excel Center of Fort Worth offers a one-day program for First Offenders that meets the requirements of most juvenile courts for adolescents who are first offenders for truancy, tobacco violations, curfew violations and anger management issues. Call us to find out if your loved one qualifies for this treatment program. 

Teens and Mental Health

Getting inpatient mental health treatment for teens can be key in aiding them to a happier, healthier future. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in seven teenagers experiences a mental health issue. But that’s not all. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), almost half of every adult who experiences a mental health disorder in their lifetime, showed symptoms before the age of 14. 

Issues that affect your teen now, may affect your teen later. 

Our facility’s focus on inpatient mental health for teens helps your loved one learn the skills necessary to take positive steps forward during and after treatment, as well as for the rest of their lives. It is never too early to get them the help they need, whether that’s from inpatient care, partial hospitalization for teens or even IOP treatment. 

We’re here to help

When it comes to mental health and substance abuse treatment for teens, Millwood Hospital offers many treatment options. Our IOP for teens and adolescent partial hospitalization program are both outpatient programs that allow the teen to go home each day after treatment. 

Our inpatient treatment for adolescents, located in Arlington, Texas, provides around-the-clock care. 

Reach out to us today — our adolescent mental health treatment center can help your teen get the help they need. Millwood Hospital has more than 50 years of caring for patients of all ages in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan, Texas, area.

To schedule a no cost, confidential assessment for your adolescent from our teen mental health team, call 817-242-9993, or contact us online. We’ll answer your questions, check your insurance coverage and walk you through your next steps.